Transitioning to a Digital Banking Future – Infrastructure Checklist

Published by Fortinet

Based on the previously examined trends and technology that have played a role in the evolution of today’s financial services, and with an eye on their future potential for the sector, the following checklist is designed to help in the selection of Digital Transformation Solutions.

To thrive in the digital banking ecosystems of tomorrow, today’s financial institutions will have to invest in technology that provides innovative, tailored solutions to enhance the customer experience. But as we’ve seen, this goes far beyond front-end mobile app development or even the provision of back-end open-banking APIs. Banks will also have to shift their culture away from functional silos towards one where the customer is always front and center. 

To accomplish this will require the formation of new service ecosystems, forged through digital partnerships with complementary service providers, some of whom may even compete in adjacent areas of the business. Underpinning these ecosystems must be a secure, flexible, and scalable infrastructure that connects everyone involved: the bank’s staff, the bank’s partners, and most importantly, the bank’s customers. 

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