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The sudden emergence of ChatGPT caught the world by surprise. Is it an existential threat or the harbinger of the next great scientific revolution? Broadcom offers its perspectives.

The idea of artificial intelligence (AI) has long existed in our collective imagination. In virtually all legends, folklore, and popular culture, it has been considered both a benefit and a curse.

It’s no surprise then, that AI is a subject that inspires both wonder and unease. This is particularly relevant now, as the emergence of ChatGPT, Bard, and other generative AI technologies has suddenly changed the expected timeline for widespread implementation.

Is AI an existential threat or a new scientific revolution? Is it good or bad? Is that even a legitimate question?

In this paper, Broadcom dispels myths and discusses the opportunities of AI, specifically generative AI. They focus on the aspects of AI that are most relevant to business organisations today, particularly its implications for cyber attacks, privacy, IP, and copyright issues.

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