A Business Case for Customer Data Management

Published by Informatica

If you’re reading this, you’ve already arrived at a couple of realisations: 

  • Customer experience is where business growth will flounder or flourish
  • Delivering great customer experiences calls for stitching together fragments of customer data

You’ve also discovered that connecting information from every interaction a customer has with your brand–across channels, lines of business, employees, and departments–helps you to grow your trusted customer profiles. And that delivering a next-generation, 360-degree customer view to your business teams helps them improve the customer experience at every opportunity. Your competitors have also made these discoveries. 

This guide will help you build a convincing case that’s focused on business value, so you can get the support and investment you need. The goal is not only to motivate and secure executive buy-in for creating a comprehensive view of your customers–from your CIO, CFO, CMO, or whomever the decision lies with–but also to keep the wider group of stakeholders engaged throughout the life of the initiative.

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