VMware and Intel
VMware and Intel

What IT Leaders Need to Know When Buying for a Technology Refresh – Data Center Hybrid, Private Cloud Edition

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This document will help you identify use cases that fit your organization’s plans as you consider a hybrid cloud solution that delivers consistent infrastructure and consistent operations as well as a cloud operating model for new and traditional workloads wherever you deploy them. As a result, both VM and container workloads are treated as first-class citizens. Identifying your needs—both current and future use cases—will help you better evaluate the private and public cloud capabilities as well as the hybrid cloud operations you will need to serve all your workload types and deployment locations.

Download the eBook to identify your needs as you shift to a cloud operating model for automated and optimized delivery of all your IT services that support any application on any cloud.

• Consistent – Standardize infrastructure services independent of location, with the option to use unique cloud-native services

• Automated – Enable on-demand service delivery across current infrastructure and new public cloud environments.

VMware Cloud is the ubiquitous multi-cloud platform delivering consistent infrastructure and comprehensive operations and enabling a cloud operating model for new and traditional workloads wherever they are deployed.


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